Quercus(oak) — Red Oak

Quercus rubra

Red Oak - Quercus rubra

A broadly spreading large deciduous tree. Excellent for the larger garden. Has slender dark green leaves turning red-brown in Autumn. Has acorns with smooth grey bark becoming deeply furrowed. Handsome tree

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Plant information

Origin: Public variety.

Status: Public.

Tree shape: Round.

Flower: Yellow/green catkins.

Growth rate: Tree will grow quickly at first and then steadily until it reaches it full height.

Height: 20-25 metres high.

Width: Up to 10 metre spread.

Leaf shape: Elliptic approx 13cm deeply lobed with pointed teeth.

Leaf colour: Matt dark green leaf turning red-brown in Autumn.

Growing conditions: Likes cooler areas. Frost tolerant. Will withstand occasional periods of dryness.


Cultivation notes: Red Oak is a native of North America and suits well mulched soils.

Comments: Suitable for large parks and gardens.


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