Pear - ornamental — Manchurian Pear

Pyrus ussuriensis

Manchurian Pear - Pyrus ussuriensis

This beautiful flowering tree begins with pale pink buds progressing into white scented flowers during early spring. Has a pyramidal shape with glazed green leaves which turn to many shades of orange, red and maroon. This medium sized (10m x 5m) hardy tree prefers full sun and is popular for suburban settings.

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Plant information

Origin: Public variety.

Status: Public.

Blossom: Spring.

Tree shape: Pyramidal.

Flower: Single/ white.

Growth rate: Moderate.

Height: 10m.

Width: 5m.

Roots: Non-invasive.

Leaf shape: Unlobed, toothed.

Leaf colour: Green turning orange red in Autumn.

Growing conditions: Hardy tree grows in a range of soils. Prefers full sun and is frost tolerant.



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