Pear - ornamental — Cleveland Select

Pyrus calleryana 'Cleveland Select'

Cleveland Select - Pyrus calleryana 'Cleveland Select'

Blooming more than any other ornamental pear this pyramidal fast growing deciduous tree produces wonderful dense white flowers during Spring. While over Autumn it's foliage turns from glossy green to red. Adaptable to most soil and growing conditions, this medium sized (10m x 5m) tree enjoys full sun and is perfect for urban areas.

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Plant information

Origin: Public variety.

Status: Public.

Blossom: Early Spring.

Tree shape: Pyramidal.

Flower: White.

Growth rate: Rapid.

Height: 10m.

Width: 5m.

Roots: Non-invasive.

Leaf shape: Unlobed and toothed.

Leaf colour: Green to red during Autumn.

Growing conditions: Hardy tree, likes full sun, tolerates drought and a wide range of soils.



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