Pear - ornamental — Red Spire

Pyrus calleryana 'Red Spire'

Red Spire - Pyrus calleryana 'Red Spire'

Red Spire is a lovely ornamental tree (20mx 10m) columnar shaped and deciduous. Exquisite white flowers appear in Spring, whilst it's eye-catching foliage turns from a lovely tinged green/ red over summer to a yellowish orange in Autumn. This hardy tree grows quickly and tolerates a rage of soils and temperature conditions. This tree can be planted in various situations from your backyard to the local median strip.

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Plant information

Origin: Public variety.

Status: Public.

Bloom period: Spring.

Tree shape: Columnar.

Flower: Large creamy grey flowers.

Growth rate: Fast.

Height: 13-20m.

Width: 7-10m.

Roots: Non- invasve.

Leaf shape: Unlobed and toothed.

Leaf colour: Young leaves are red to purple, maturing to a glossy green/ red. Yellow and orange over Autumn.

Growing conditions: Very hardy in full sun.



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