Feijoa — Feijoa

Acca Sellowiana ' Feijoa'

Acca Sellowiana ' Feijoa' - Feijoa

Sometimes called a pineapple guava. This hardy evergreen bushy shrub grows between 1-7m tall, produces edible fruit and makes an attractive specimen. Fruit ripens in Winter and is approximately the size and shape of a chicken's egg with smooth green skin. Flesh is pale, clear and jelly like being firm and coarse nearer the skin with a juicy/seeded pulp in the center. The fruit has a strong perfume and taste like a pineapple x strawberry. Fruit can be peeled or cut in half and scooped out with a spoon.

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Fruit information

Maturity: Winter.

Fruit size: Medium.

Fruit shape: Egg shaped.

Skin: Thin skin which can be peeled with a knife.

Flesh colour: Clear pale cream.

Texture: Seeded pulp in the centre of fruit whilst firm and coarse nearer the skin.

Flavour: Juicy.

Seed or stone: Seeded.

Storage: Pick to ripen from the tree to prevent bruising and eat when soft..

Storage period: Can be put in cool store but very limited.

Chill: Does require some winter chilling.

Plant information

Origin: Public variety.

Status: Public.

Pollinators: Self fertile.

Blossom: Pink/purple blossom.

Tree shape: Small, spreading and bushy.

Flower: Pink/purple centered flowers appear in Spring with red stamens and yellow pollen.

Growth rate: Slow.

Height: 1-7m.

Leaf colour: Leave are a dull green/blue. Evergreen.

Growing conditions: Plant in fertile, well drained soils in sun to part shade. Is reasonably salt tolerant. Frost tolerant also.


Cultivation notes: Prune to a single trunk and then prune each year to promote new growth. Thin tree for easier harvesting.


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