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Liquidamber — Dwarf Liquidamber

Liquidamber styraciflue 'Gumball'

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A small grafted tree. A remarkable form of dense, shrubby habit with long persistent leaves turning orange/red and purple in Winter. Colours up best in an open position. Another lollipop or moptop shaped small grafted tree.

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Liquidamber — Liquidamber

Liquidamber styraciflua

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Sometimes known as Redgum/Sweetgum. Grown from a seed. This tall 20m x 10m pyramidal shaped deciduous tree is known for its attractive Autumn display of orange, red and purple leaves. Colour will vary due to this tree being a seedling. Leaves remain shiny green in Spring and Summer. Moderately salt and frost hardy. Prefers fertile, moist, well drained acidic loam/clay soils. Plant in full sun or partial shade.

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