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Peach — Tropic Snow

Prunus persica Tropic Snow

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Tropic Snow is a low chill deciduous peach tree growing up to 6m tall with green smooth foliage and good Autumn colour. Grows best in low chill, full sun, moist well drained soil areas. During November it produces medium to large pale pink blush over green fruit. Has firm white flesh is freestone and a sweet low acid flavour. While in late winter - early spring beautiful pale pink/ pink blossom occurs.

Maturity: Approximately November. Early season.

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Peach — Flordagold

Prunus Persica 'Fordagold'.

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Flordagold is a good commercial variety with large light red on yellow fruit and a very firm juicy yellow flesh. Semi freestone. Matures early in the season- late November and has pink blossom in mid Spring. Trees are deciduous and form a round vase shape. Best in low-chill areas planted in full sun and moist drained soils. Correct pruning is required.

Maturity: Approximately late November early season

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Peach — Sunset Peach DWARF

Prunus persica ' Dwarf Sunset Peach'

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The dwarf Sunset peach has beautiful double petaled pink blossom in Spring and divine red foliage throughout the year. Its a low chill variety, perfect for your patio or courtyard, maturing towards November early December. Trees are self fertile, freestone and still produce full sized, white flesh fruit. Spectacular looking variety.

Maturity: End of November/ December

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Peach — Angel Peach

Prunus persica 'Angel Peach'

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The Angel peach matures towards the end of December and stores well making this the perfect lunchbox treat over summer ! Fruit has an individual flat top and bottom shape, with a red over deep yellow base skin and sweet yellow flesh. Suited to low chill, subtropical conditions. Angel peaches are self fertile, reach 3 meters in height and have pretty pink blooms in Spring.

Maturity: End of December

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Peach — Flavourcrest

Prunus persica 'Flavourcrest'

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Flavourcrest is a high chill variety growing best in full sun, moist, well drained sandy to some clay soils. Has green foliage in late December and early January. Trees are deciduous and take on a vase shape.

Maturity: mid season, late December into early January

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