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Citrus — Oroval

Citrus reticulata 'Oroval'

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Originating as a mutation of Fina Clementine this tree produces juicy fruit that needs to be picked at maturity. Internal quality deteriorates quickly once maturity is reached.

Maturity: Early season, March to June

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Citrus — Smooth Seville

Citrus paradisi /Citrus aurantium 'Smooth Seville'

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Originating in Australia, this fruit is considered a sour orange-pummelo hybrid. Grown for use in marmalades or as an ornamental tree, this is a great addition as it is a hardy and beautiful tree.

Maturity: Early January to March approximately

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Citrus — Wheeny

Citrus paradisi 'Wheeny'

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The Wheeny grapefruit is an Australian pummelo x grapefruit hybrid. This variety produces heavy crops in alternate years. The fruit tends to be very large with a sour, lemony flavour

Maturity: approximately June to July

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Citrus — Kaffir

Citrus hystrix 'Kaffir'

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Commonly used for cooking with its leaves, this variety produces fruit with very little juice and flesh. It is good for potting and suitable for most climates

Maturity: Summer fruiting but use leaves all year

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Citrus — Weikiwa

Citrus tangelo 'Weikiwa'

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The Weikiwa is a cross between a tangelo and grapefruit. It is also known as the Pink Tangelo or Lavender Gem. This fruit is popular due to the fruit being very similar to Grapefruit

Maturity: January

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