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Almond — Brandes Jordan

Prunus amygdalus ' Brandes Jordan'

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Well known almond variety which prefers hot climates and makes a good windbreak. Produces large to medium sized brown pointed, broad coarse nuts, with a great flavour. Ripens early in the season and is suitable for roasting, cooking and blanching as well as picked fresh and eaten straight from the tree!

Maturity: Approximately early February

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Almond — Johnston Prolific

Prunus anygdalus 'Johnston Prolific'

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This slightly spreading tree prefers well drained soils and produces large brown coarse nuts with good flavour in approximately early March. Versatile - eat fresh, blanche, roast or use in your favorite cooking recipe.

Maturity: Approximately early March

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Almond — Self Pollinating Almond

Prunus amygadalus 'Self Pollinating Almond'

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As the name suggests Self Pollinating Almonds require no pollinators being self fertile. Large, broad oval paper shelled kernels are ripe mid season. Nuts have a good sweet flavour and are relatively versatile.

Maturity: Mid season

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Almond — Mission Almond

Prunus amygdalus ' Mission'

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Popular variety which produces attractive medium sized plump nuts with a soft outer shell. Matures late March and pollinates well with Fritz Almond. A good nut which is most suited to roasting.

Maturity: Approximately late March

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Almond — Fritz Almond

Prunus amygdalus 'Fritz'

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A very popular variety which produces top quality large papershelled, plump kernels during late March/early April. Pollinates with Mission

Maturity: Early April / late March approximately

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