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Apple — Dorset Gold

Malus domestica 'Dorset Gold'

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Dorset Gold is an early ripening, low chill variety apple with a firm yellow, pink blushed juicy sweet fruit. Requires an open sunny well drained position. Suitable for metropolitan and coastal areas.

Maturity: Approximately mid January

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Apple — Anna

Malus domestica 'Anna'

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Anna produces large conical shaped fruit, red on a yellow background with a crunchy texture. It is a low chill variety and is suitable for planting in metropolitan and coastal areas. Requires well drained soil and full sun and an open air position.

Maturity: Early February

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Apple — Bolero Ballerina AppleŽ

Malus domestica 'Bolero'

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An ideal apple tree for small gardens, containers and narrow plantings. Growing 3.5m high x 60cm wide this columnar shaped tree produces multipurpose medium flat round, bright red over green fruit on spurs close to the main trunk.

Maturity: Matures mid February to early March, mid season

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Apple — Gala

Malus domestica ' Gala'

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Gala is one of the popular fresh eating apples. It produces a medium round to conical shaped fruit with a stripy red/orange blush on a yellow skin. This firm crisp juicy sweet apple is a prolific bearer which needs thinning to maintain fruit size. The fruit hangs well on this upright spreading 4m x 4m tree which requires a medium chill area in a sunny well drained position.

Maturity: Approximately late February to early March

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Apple — Gala DWARF

Malus domestica 'Gala'

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Very popular tree which has been grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock (60% of standard) and still produces full size fruit! Trees are heavy bearers and need thinning to maintain size. Apples hang well on the tree and are firm, crisp and juicy. Gala is a medium chill apple and requires pollinators. Due to heavy cropping provide your tree with extra care - water well and give extra support by staking.

Maturity: Late February/ early March

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