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Nectarine — Crimson Baby Dwarf

Prunus persica 'Crimson Baby'

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Crimson Baby is a new dwarf nectarine which produces full sized yellow, red blushed, speckled fruit with a wonderful flavour. Maturing in late November, Crimson Baby are self fertile and crop heavily. Trees require staking and are ideal for smaller gardens fitting into tubs and pots.

Maturity: Late November

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Nectarine — Sunset Nectarine

Prunus persica var.nucipersica 'Sunset Nectarine'

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The dwarf Sunset Nectarine is a pretty little tree only growing 80cm x 80cm, perfect for a pot on your patio, balcony, deck or small garden. Produces full size white flesh fruit with brilliant red foliage. Also has double pink blossoms during Spring. Suitable for low chill coastal and metropolitan areas.

Maturity: approximately late November to early December

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Nectarine — White Satin

Prunus persica var.nucipersica 'White Satin'

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White Satin is very similar to Sunsnow but ripens slightly earlier. It requires thinning to produce sizable fruit. With low chilling hours it is suitable to grow in coastal and metropolitan areas. The tree prefers full sun and needs deep well drained soils.

Maturity: approximately December

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Nectarine — Royal Gem DWARF

Prunus persica 'Royal Gem'

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Royal Gem is a new dwarf variety of Nectarine ! It produces superb medium sized, dark red, firm fruit with pinky white flesh and great flavour. Is self fertile, maturing around December and crops heavily, thus requires staking. Plant in full sun to part shade. Attractive feature tree for your garden.

Maturity: Early December

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Nectarine — Sunsnow

Prunus persica var.nucipersica 'Sunsnow'

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Sunsnow is an early fruiting variety suitable to coastal areas as it only requires low chill units. Prefers full sun and deep well drained soils.

Maturity: approximately December, early variety

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