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Grape — Madeleine

Vitis Vinifera 'Madeleine'

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Small white fleshed grape. Seedless, self-fertile and matures December to January.Excellent table grape.

Maturity: Early. December to January

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Grape — Perlette

Vitis Vinifera 'Perlette'

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Extremely popular medium to large round grape which hangs in compact conical bunches. It's thin green/ yellow skin has a firm and crunchy texture. Seedless variety, ripens in January. Used for table grape and raisins.

Maturity: early January

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Grape — Flame Seedless

Vitis Vinifera 'Flame Seedless'

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A very popular table grape, small to medium in size with crunchy red outer skin and a fleshy texture. Has a delicious sweet flavour and is seedless. Ripens mid December to January. Excellent eaten fresh.

Maturity: mid dec to jan

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Grape — Red Globe

Vitis Vinifera 'Red Globe'

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Red globe is a popular table variety. Fruit is large, round and red skinned. With a crisp but fleshy texture, these grapes have an excellent flavour. Maturity is around Janurary and trees are self - fertile.

Maturity: January

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Grape — Ribier

Vitis Vinifera ' Ribier'

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Ribier is a vigorous growing , productive vine producing large dark coloured table grapes. They have a plump and juicy texture with a mildly sweet flavour. Perfect eaten fresh as a lunch box snack or in salads and desserts. Stores well maturing around February.

Maturity: Early Feb

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