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Olive — Leccino

Olea Europaea 'Leccino'

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Medium sized early ripening fruit, which can be used for oil or pickling. High disease resistance. This evergreen tree is also very hardy.

Maturity: Early

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Olive — Moraiolo

Olea Europaea 'Mariola'

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A tiny round black olive with a high quality sought after oil. Grey to dark green evergreen foliage and an upright growth habit. Medium vigorous tree which can resist salty winds. Moraiolo is a highly productive and constant variety.

Maturity: Premature

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Olive — Sevillano / Queen of Spain

Olea Europaea 'Sevillano'

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Sevillano has a slow growth rate with low rooting ability. Needs well drained, deep, rich soils and can't stand much cold. Among its evergreen foliage it produces very large fruit up to 13 grams with a reasonable flesh to stone ratio. Oil content is low. Sometimes known as the Queen of Spain

Maturity: Early variety

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Olive — Kalamata

Olea Europaea 'Kalamata'

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The Kalamata has an individual look compared to other olive varieties, as its foliage is softer, larger and flatter. Produces shiny elongated and slightly bent to one side black-purple fruit which can be processed for eating or oil. While the growth rate is slow they are a strong long lasting evergreen tree with a dense canopy. The Kalamata are considered the best black olive cultivar for processing.

Maturity: April to May

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Olive — Verdale

Olea Europaea 'Verdale'

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Verdale is suitable for both oil and pickling. The fruit is medium to large in size, green and turns black when ripe. Growing 3-4m tall Verdale have spreading silvery green, evergreen foliage. Hot summers and cold winters are ideal conditions.

Maturity: April

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