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Cherry — Lewis Seedling.

Prunus avium 'Lewis Seedling'

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This early variety has medium to large heart shaped fruit on long (4cm) stems. Fruit has strong tolerance to rain cracking. The delicious sweet red to dark red flavoured cherries are fantastic eaten fresh.

Maturity: early variety. mid to late november

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Cherry — Rons Seedling

Prunus avuim 'Rons Seedling'

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Very popular medium sized, multibranched tree, with an upright spreading habit. Produces large good quality firm juicy cherries with a strong flavour. Extremely versatile wonderful for cooking- bottling/jams or any preserving. Rons have moderate split resistance and its foilage puts on a showy autumn display.

Maturity: Mid season. Late November

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Cherry — Early Burlat

Prunus avium 'Early Burlat'

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Early Burlat as the name suggests matures early in the season, producing copious amounts good quality red cherries. Delightful sweet flavour, handle carefully fruit is susceptable to cracking.

Maturity: Early season. Late November

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Cherry — Van

Prunus avium 'van'

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Medium sized, vigorous, upright spreading tree, has dark green foilage which progresses through red, orange and yellow tones in Autumn. Produces sweet, glossy, red, heart shaped cherries with a wonderful flavour. Is a versatile cherry, great straight from the tree or in coooking. (jams / preserving.) Van has a strong cropping habit but is sucseptable to rain cracking.

Maturity: medium to late season. December

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Cherry — Rainier

Prunus avium 'Rainer'

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Vigorous, heavy cropping, medium sized ,upright spreading tree which produces pretty blossom in Spring. It's dark green foilage displays lovely rustic tones in Autumn. Large, good quality, pinkish red fruit is ripe by mid season. Trees produce at a young age. Fantastic eaten fresh. Susceptible to cracking.

Maturity: Mid season to late, around mid to end of December

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