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Cherry — Lewis Seedling.

Prunus avium 'Lewis Seedling'

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This early variety has medium to large heart shaped fruit on long (4cm) stems. Fruit has strong tolerance to rain cracking. The delicious sweet red to dark red flavoured cherries are fantastic eaten fresh.

Maturity: early variety. mid to late november

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Grape — Madeleine

Vitis Vinifera 'Madeleine'

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Small white fleshed grape. Seedless, self-fertile and matures December to January.Excellent table grape.

Maturity: Early. December to January

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Citrus — Oroval

Citrus reticulata 'Oroval'

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Originating as a mutation of Fina Clementine this tree produces juicy fruit that needs to be picked at maturity. Internal quality deteriorates quickly once maturity is reached.

Maturity: Early season, March to June

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Citrus — Smooth Seville

Citrus paradisi /Citrus aurantium 'Smooth Seville'

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Originating in Australia, this fruit is considered a sour orange-pummelo hybrid. Grown for use in marmalades or as an ornamental tree, this is a great addition as it is a hardy and beautiful tree.

Maturity: Early January to March approximately

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Citrus — Wheeny

Citrus paradisi 'Wheeny'

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The Wheeny grapefruit is an Australian pummelo x grapefruit hybrid. This variety produces heavy crops in alternate years. The fruit tends to be very large with a sour, lemony flavour

Maturity: approximately June to July

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