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This page is for the purpose of answering some of the questions we are asked regularly by our customers.



What is Leaf Curl and how do I control it?

Leaf curl (Taphrina Deformans) is a fungal diesease affecting mainly peaches and nectarines. Infected leaves emerging in spring are red and distorted. Prevention is the only real control method, copper based sprays are used at leaf fall in autumn and again in spring at bud swell. If a tree is already infected the best method for control is to remove as many of affected leaves as possible and apply some calcium nitrate fertilizer to the soil and help the tree to grow out of the disease. Once the temperature warms up through spring and summer the fungus will disappear.

What is a Rootstock?

A rootstock is the below ground part of a tree. Most fruit trees cultivated now are grown on rootstocks. The benefits of having a tree growing on a rootstock rather than on its own root system are many and include vigour reduction, tolerance to pest and disease, drought and salinity tolerance and more.

What do they mean by High, Medium or Low Chill?

Chill units are a measurement for the amount of hours below 7 degrees in winter a particular variety of deciduous tree needs to break dormancy, flower and fruit. One hour below 7 degrees is equivalent to one chill unit. Perth average chill units are between 500 to 550.

When is the best time to prune my fruit tree?

Traditionally winter was the season of choice for pruning fruit trees especially deciduous types. However now there has been a shift in commercial orchards to prune in late spring and early autumn which helps in disease reduction and vigor control.

When is the best time to plant my fruit tree?

Fruit trees now are available container grown for nurseries and thus making them able to be planted year round. It is best to avoid excessively wet periods and remember always water in your trees once they have been planted.

What is the better choice, multi-grafts or multiple tree planting? (Two three or four trees in the same hole)

Multigrafts are an expensive product to produce for a nursery and offer no advantages over multiple tree planting. Multigrafts can only be of the same family for example different apple varieties on one tree but not an apple and a pear. With multiple tree planting you can have any combination you want. Also with multigrafts because you have two or more varieties feeding from the same rootstock the more vigorous variety may eventually take over, with the weaker varieties withering away.

Do my fruit trees need pollination?

All peaches and nectarines are self fertile with the exception of the peach JH HALE.Most other species of fruit trees and varieties available are partially self fertile. This means most will fruit in isolation but will benefit if planted near a suitable pollen donor.More information is available on individual varieties on this website.

How do I control Citrus Leaf miner?

The Citrus Leaf miner is a moth of the Gracillariidae family. Treat with a suitable summer oil every three weeks.The film of oil on the leaf prevents the adult insects from laying eggs on the leaf. Also pluck off any infected leaves and burn.







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