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Olea Nurseries Pty Ltd is located in the heart of the Western Australian Karri forests, which is approximately 360km south of Perth. Its rich friable, well-drained soil makes it ideal for the production of bare rooted fruit and ornamental trees. Its unique climate enables a wide range of tree crops to be grown including stone and pomefruit, citrus, avocados, persimmons, wine grapes, chestnuts and olives.

Luigi and Angelina Bazzani established the Manjimup Nursery in 1966. They have since been joined by their son David and his wife Leanne.

Now with over 100 acres in Manjimup and Donnybrook, Olea Nurseries Pty Ltd provides one of the largest ranges of fruit trees in Australia.

Olea Nurseries Pty Ltd grows most of its own rootstock so quality and clean material can be guaranteed. Contract growing for large plantings is our speciality for commercial fruit growers. Australia wide delivery is achieved using our own vehicles or freight companies which understand the requirements of handling plants.

For retail nurseries we provide an extensive range of fruit trees which are potted into our own devised square pot. Our aim is to provide fruit trees over an extended period instead of the traditional 'bare rooted' timeslot of Winter.







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