Olea Nurseries Pty Ltd is located in Manjimup, Western Australia and grows a large range of fruit trees and ornamentals including pomefruit, stonefruit, cherry, citrus, olives etc.

Olea Nurseries Pty Ltd was a founding member of ANFIC (Australian Nurserymen's Fruit Improvement Company). Olea also grow under license to a variety of companies and breeding programmes and is also a member of the Nursery and Garden Industry of Western Australia.

The dedicated team at the nursery endeavours to delivery quality trees and is constantly looking to source new rootstocks and varieties for both commercial growers and the retail sector.

The nursery is strictly wholesale and supplies direct to Commercial Growers and Garden Centres


truck load of trees leave the Nursery.



The entrance to Olea Nurseries is spectacular! It shows a magnificent spread of water which lap its tree lined edge.


What's New?

Garden Centres

Bare rooted trees will be delivered soon 

Growers -  If you wish to place an order  please download the Grower Order Form.


Employment Opportunity

Please contact to ask about any future opportunities.



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